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The Sun always shines on TV

Well, not strictly true…but the sun does usually shine on Des! Even after last week’s horrific afternoon storms, the sun still found away through for some parts of last week’s round.

But that’s in the past. Let’s look forward and we’re expecting a clear night tonight. The sun is shining brightly and it looks like summer might just be on its way back!

Waz was due to join us again tonight, but outrageously he has pulled out again. David’s brother might play in his place but that has yet to be confirmed.

As the nights are now drawing in, we have realised that evening golf will soon be at an end. To mark the end of the evening season, we intend to replace ’golf with des’ with ’beer with des’ on the first non-golfing thursday night. All our friends and readers are welcome to join us. Further details on this event will be posted in the near future but I can reveal that it will most likely to be held in the Caddyshack – Elland’s very own 19th hole.

David is booking tonight’s teetime and we will bring it to you exclusively as soon as it is confirmed.

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