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One Week Later (and we’re not Zombies)

Well, here we are two weeks in on the Thursday Evening golfing season and what a start it’s been.  Last week was a massive early victory for me beating both The Mighty Alan Allen and Stan by 7 (or 8, but there’s the controversy) strokes!

I didn’t play my best, but I did play consistently which meant I finished on 40 (or 39 if the truth be known) whilst Stan and The Mighty Alan Allen(Grrrrr!) both finished on 47.

Stan wears jeans and trainers but looks nothing like this

Stan wears jeans and trainers but looks nothing like this

But, the main issue was the fact that Stan (who is a member no less) turned up and played in jeans and trainers!

I did try to report him to the staff to have him removed, but they chose to ignore me for some reason unknown.  Anyway, we’ve made a short film about the 1st week’s game, which should be online at some point this week.

This week was a different kettle of fish completely, with Stan managing to bring it all together whilst The Mighty Alan Allen and I languished behind.  Stan started well and kept his lead all through the game and even though I pulled back a few shots, he made sure that he was always out of reach, so fair play to him, the little shit.