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It has been a while II

As Stan mentions in one of his previous posts, it has been a while since we last updated, so here we are….

Golf with Desc.
Stan is a CHEAT!!!!
As Bell Jnr makes his Golf with Des debut, Stan plays a fantastic round and Elly also improves.

In what turned out to be a quite exciting round, both because by late afternoon the weather looked like we could be running for cover at any moment but then turned out to be bright sunshine, and also because apart from a few mistakes, any of us could have been the winner.

As it happens, Stan played some really solid holes and won the game by a total of 5 strokes.

Our Non – Celebrity Craig (who incidentally looks like Peter Schmeical….or so he would have you believe…..) didn’t have his best round ever and finished on a 52.

I finished on a 46, which althougth is nothing fantastic, I was quite pleased with my game as apart from a few 6s and one 8 I felt that I played a fairly consistantly…

Bell Jnr (Peter) takes a swing on the 3rd…

…….And we did catch Elly having a wee on the 6th

Errrrr...Elly Piss

Afterwards, Craig joined us for a pint of Denmark’s finest and then broke the news to us that he had in fact been wearing one of his wife’s thongs throughout the whole round of golf – Imagine our suprise!!

Shocking Revelation: “I like to wear thongs”

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