Golf With Des

All about Golf with David, Elly and Stan! And probably some other stuff too…


Golf with DS

No, that’s not a new game for Nintendo’s minature gaming dual screen marvel, but infact a reference to tomorrow morning’s golfers, namely Stan and myself! Elly has had to pull out at short notice and my brother is unavailable due to last minute work requirements.

Since our last game of golf both Stan and I have invested in an Dunlop oversize driver from our local Sports World store. Priced at £69.99 on the website but at only £13.99 in store this was too good a deal to miss. Even if they turn out to be utter rubbish, we can probably still use them to attack burglers with or to disperse other non-desirable house guests.

big bad MF

Weather-wise, as usual not a game goes by without some sort of controversy. The BBC have tomorrow’s weather as sunny, where as have it as being cloudy all dayI


Had the WWII planners been this indecisive weather-wise in the lead up to D-Day, the invasion wouldn’t have happened, the frogs might still be occupied by Jerry and we might still have thousands of US GI’s here trying to steal our women with chocolate and nylon stockings.

Although obviously, they would be quite elderly by now and probably slightly more wrinkled and incontinent

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