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Old Queen Shocker!

Not Freddie

Not Freddie

Although Stan wasn’t well enough to go to work due to his tooth ache (Ouch, Awwww), he is well enough to travel all the way London to go and see Queen!

And its not even the proper Queen, HRH Liz, it’s the band Queen, which if we’re honest, shouldn’t really be allowed to call themselves Queen as Freddie’s dead and the others are so old they shouldn’t be on a stage playing loud rock music, they should be going to bed early so they can get up at pensioner-o-clock.  Disgraceful.

Sunday Southport Special!

Today I’ve been to Southport, home of the famous Royal Birkdale course which has hosted the British Open and Ryder Cup plus other presitgious events.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a round there, but I was able to play on the Southport Pitch and Putt course with our most successful non-celebrity golfer to date, Chris Fossey.

It’s a 9 hole couse and on our first round the scores were:

Stan 37
Chris 41

The man behind the counter was a bit of a tit, but he did let us go round the course again for free as it was early and no-one else was there. The second round was better for both of us:

Stan 31
Chris 40

The idiot man behind the counter told us that the course record was 26 so I was very pleased to have posted 31. We went for a beer to celebrate and it tasted rubbish and cost £3 per pint. And I had some chips that were £1.50

All in all, a lovely day by the sea, which surprisingly for Southport was actually visible today. Lovely.