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Welcome to the magical world of 34!

Thursday night was a good night to play golf.

In a week that saw NO Chris, mainly due to having “other stuff” to do, I had my best round ever on Fountains.

Yay yay yay I shot a 34 yay yay yay

David shoots a 34 on Fountains - The first 34 for a number of years

The score says it all…

I won’t get too far up my own arse as there is still room for improvement – there is at least another 2 easy shots I could have lost, but suffice to say, it was an easy victory…

But, taking it back to the real world, what exactly does “other stuff” mean? Can anyone shed any light on any of the “other stuff” that Chris had to do? And what might it be that was more important than playing golf? Apart from skiing, I can think of nothing else (that doesn’t involve penetrating females) that is more important than playing golf – especially on a warm sunny early summer evening with the promise of a chilled beer or two afterwards.

In fact even the might Google only has this to offer as far as “other stuff” is concerned…

One thing I nearly forgot – It was actually a double victory – As well as scoring the 34, I also landed my 8th hole tee shot on the green nearest the pin and therefore scooped the prize money of a whole £3!!!

David takes severe arsing from Stan(In a golf way, not an anal sex way)

Oh dear, well it had to happen at some point didn’t it?  After not playing for more than a month, Stan and I played the Pine Valley course this Saturday morning and although it pains me to admit it, Stan beat me very convincingly by 11 shots.

The conditions were tough and infact, I don’t think I’ve ever played a course that was as muddy and as wet – Every time your club hit the ground through the swing, it caused a great “gloop” of mud and water to spray up onto your face(I resisted putting a link on that one…:-))

Stan took an early lead, but after the 1st 8 or 9 holes I’d managed to draw level and then Stan somehow drew on some freaky inner strength and no matter what I did, he managed to play a better shot.

By the time we’d reached the 14th, I’d pretty much given up, but Stan was on top form and really deserved to win this time.

Little Shit

“But where is the Mighty Alan Allen(TMAA)?” I hear you all ask.  Well TMAA is currently “on the bench” due to a skiing injury that happened last week at Xscape at Castleford.  He tried to jump off a kicker that really wasn’t a kicker and ended up catching a ski and landing badly fracturing his shoulder in a couple of places as well as tearing a tendon.

Ouch.  He’s far too mighty for us normal folk, but hopefully, he’ll be back in a few weeks.

Q and X….and the score card

Another interesting Bruce Springsteen “crazy” fact according to his website is that he hasn’t as yet recorded a song where the title begins with a Q or an X.

I ask you, what is he thinking?

Anyway, should Bruce release a song that begins with either a Q or an X then you’ll know where he got the idea from….

This week’s scorecard looks as follows:

Score Cards

What fantastic round this week turned out to be!

The terrible weather, and then Waz’s 11th hour cancellation turned our normal weekly game into a drama fest!

Would the torrential rain stop our game?

Would Waz play or won’t he?

Would Stan cheat again?

After such an exciting build up we weren’t disappointed by the game either. Some solid golf was played by all and Elly Woods managed to keep out of the trees!!

On the 9th we all thought Stan had won until Elly did a recount and discovered that it had infact been a draw!

They should make this into a TV program – it has everything; tension, humour, pain, winners, losers.

Although I lost it a bit on the middle holes, overall I felt as though my game was a lot more solid than it has been and I guess some of the reason for this is because of my new bats and putter, although I think the biggest improvement has been my putting thanks to my new putter.