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Chris’ Other Stuff Comes to Light!

Take a seat before you read any more – You’ll need it!

As recently reported right here on Golf with Des, last week Chris chose “other stuff” over playing Thursday night golf.

I can right now tell you what these “other stuff” actually were…

Rather than play Thursday night Golf with the Golf with Des team, Chris actually chose to go supermarket shopping with his girlfriend, Lucy!

And it gets worse – Lucy had actually been at home all day and could have done the shopping whilst Chris was at work thus enabling him to play – not just any golf, but Thursday night golf.   But she didn’t!

Instead she sat at home watching This Morning with Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby and then after a light lunch, probably consisting of salmon, cream cheese and rivitas, she probably watched a vintage black and white film with an especially happy ending on non other than Channel 4!

When this sort of thing happens, it can mean one thing and one thing only and I’m afraid it is not good news…

Lucy is having an…affair.

Record breaking scores!


Today is a day that will go down in Golfing history – Well at any rate in Golf With Des Golfing History.

Stan and I played Willow Valley’s Pine Valley course this PM as neither of us had played for some time and we wanted a slightly easier re-entry into the world of golf.  As it turned out we couldn’t have asked for a better start as both of us played exceptionally well and I finished on 82 (nett 63), with Stan finishing on 85 which is his best score on Pine.

If Roy Castle had seen us play it would have been a Record Breaker!

It's a shame Roy is dead, as he'd have been very impressed with our "Record Breaking Scores". In fact did anyone see Norris?

Although I’m happy with the score, I know I could have done at least 3 or more shots better.   My driving and my iron play were excellent, but my short game really let me down with lots of short or too long chips, plus on the last 3 holes I could have saved at least another 3 shots if I’d have not played like a tit.

Anyway, all in all a great round – Feel free to digest the scores at Golfshot’s website

Three Posts All Year

I’ve just been having a quick look and I can’t believe we’ve only done three posts this year(not including this one)

That is very bad. Must try harder.

Massive Defeat for Stan

Well what a defeat for Stan that was. Fountain course, nine shortish holes, excellent playing conditions and he still lost by 11 shots.

Full live commentary is available via

More new stuff coming over the following weeks including live twitter feeds and a new look site.  Stay with us, it will be worth it…

Queen + Paul Rodgers – LIVE at the 02


You can’t have Queen without Freddie!

Well, to be fair, I would have been inclined to have agreed with you a few years ago.  Freddie was pretty good and all that.

But…. one problem.  He died.  Which was unfortunate.


The story does not end there….


After a pleasant build-up of darkness, thundercracks and flashing lights….. Queen + Paul Rodgers finally took to the stage and lauched straight into the classic ‘Hammer to Fall’… much to the delight of the capacity crowd.

More Queen anthems soon followed, including ‘Tie Your Mother Down’ and ‘I Want It All’

Soon it was time to bring the tempo down a little, so Brian sang ‘Love of My Life’ before Roger decided to do a little drum solo after first hitting the notes to ‘Under Pressure’ and ‘Another one Bites the Dust’ on a double bass…

And then all hell broke loose.

Brian and Roger - I'm in Love with My Car

Brian and Roger - I'm in Love With My Car

Brian's Guitar Solo

Brian's Guitar Solo

Many more classics ensued, namely…

  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Radio GaGa
  • We will Rock you
  • We are the Champions
  • Alright Now
  • The Show Must Go On

Freddie would have been proud.

Extractions and Lockjaw

So I had my wisdom teeth out at the weekend and it was a thoroughly pleasant experience.

Having opted for sedation (because I am a big chicken) I don’t remember a whole lot about it – however I was told afterwards that I’d spent a few minutes, between extractions, arguing with the dentist that I would be OK to drink some wine when I got home and I’d also be fine to smoke because I “only smoke silk cut.”

Since then, I’ve been a little sore as you might expect after having 3 wisdom teeth out and this morning I woke up with a bad case of lockjaw.   Initially unable to eat, I cunningly bought a packet of discos and ‘posted’ them through the narrow gap i could open and then sucked them until they were soft enough break up with my tongue.

Clever stuff.

Luckily, the dentist has promised me that this is only temporary and I should be back to normal in a few days.  Which, tbf, I’m pretty pleased about.

I do have a full review and pictures of Queen @ O2 to post, but that involves a lot of messing about and I can’t be bothered tonight.

Watch this space.

Pea Poll – Good or Bad?

Never ones to shy away from controversy, here at Golf With Des, we ask the questions that matter most to all of us and in a new(ish) feature, we’ll be asking those questions that lesser websites shy away from.

Make sure you cast your vote and tell the nation what you think about peas…

Peas: Good or Bad?

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Southport Municipal Course

I recently visited Southport to visit former non-celebrity Chris Fossey and enjoy some lager and golf, seperately of course.

David was unable to attend but, whilst enjoying some drinks in one of Southport’s many bars on Friday evening, he did telephone me to tell me what nice time he was having drinking at home and playing on his computer.

So after a necessary Full English Breakfast we headed for the course.

Set on the West Coast of England, Southport Municipal is a classic links golf course. I’m sure on many a day, the strong coastal breeze would play a big part in the round, however today was a very calm day with clear blue skies. It really was lovely.

The course itself is a mixed bag. Half of the course features lush wide fairways and huge greens in exemplary condition. The other half features small greens, comprised of more sand than grass. But, given that the course is slap bang next to the coast then this is not surprising and for £13.50 it certainly represents great value for money.

As for the round itself, I’m afraid I have lost the scorecard. It started poorly for both myself and Chris, and the second 9 was certainly better. Chris struggled with long irons but pulled himself back together and reverted back to using a 7iron. I hit some nice approach shots courtesy of my lovely 7 wood but putting again was a let down today.

My favourite hole was named “The Wall” and features a huge bunker which aptly acts as a wall and makes it impossible to see the green on your second shot. Whilst my shot did clear the wall, I fell about 20 yards short of the green due to misjuding the length. I finished the hole with a 5. Here’s Chris quite obviously intimidated by the bunker…

Look at the size of it!

Look at the size of it!

Chris wasn’t as scared of this bunker, and he plays a lovely shot to get out….

well out!

well out!

Here’s a few more random pictures i took:

I finished with a disappointing 105, and Chris was about 25 behind. The course, while long, does not offer too many difficulties so I would like to play it again and would expect to be able to knock 15 shots off with some better putting and a couple less hooks off the tee.

Thanks to David

For this link about bad experiences at the dentist

However, the kindly dentist will be giving me sedation for my extractions so I am not expecting to know much about it and therefore am not too worried. I am quite concerned about paying £120 for drugs though. Oh, no, wait a minute….

Coming Soon….

A full review of Southport’s finest Municipal course, featuring a mystery former non-celebrity.

I’ve got plenty of pictures, however I may have lost the scorecard.