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Freddie and Joe’s tea

As mentioned earlier on the site, Tuesday 5th September was Freddie’s 60th birthday so me and Elly decided to have a special tea in his honour.

Being of Persian descent, Freddie was a huge fan of hot and spicy food….however I am not (i dislike it a lot) so we decided to have a pizza instead. I’m not sure if Freddie liked pizza, but I’m sure he must have done. Everyone likes pizza don’t they.

I bought a ham and pineapple pizza from tescos…

….and I modified it by adding some roast chicken and fresh mozzarella….

Delicious. Elly bought a mushroom pizza and did the same.

Freddie would have loved them.

Freddie probably wouldn’t have loved Joe’s tea. In the 19th hole, Joe gave us his speciality recipe – hotdogs in noodles. Simply cook up some noodles, chop up some hotdogs and stir them in. Serve piping hot. Disgusting.

However, Joe instead opted for the classic jacket potato and chilli served with garlic bread. Bizzare.