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Yeah, that’s right, I said that. I’m unbeatable, or have been for the past 3 games. Even the mighty Alan Allen Begbie cannot beat me.

Grrrr, I am like the golfing version of He Man….By the power of Grey Skull!!!

OMG it looks just like Stan on some Mondays...

OMG it looks just like Stan on some Mondays...Well, perhaps much less muscle and more of a fags/beer look

That being the case, who is Skeletor?

Is it Stan?

KP Reply!

KP have replied to the email I sent them earlier although it really wasn’t worth them bothering:

Thank you for contacting us by email in connection with a packet of KP Dry Roasted Peanuts. It is regretted that the packet contained an excessive amount of powdered coating and we would ask you to accept our apologies for the unfortunate occurrence. Please could you let us know the weight of the packet, the Best Before date and any coding deails from the back and also your land address. Upon receipt of these details we will be happy to reimburse you for your purchase.


Lets try again….