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Yeah, that’s right, I said that. I’m unbeatable, or have been for the past 3 games. Even the mighty Alan Allen Begbie cannot beat me.

Grrrr, I am like the golfing version of He Man….By the power of Grey Skull!!!

OMG it looks just like Stan on some Mondays...

OMG it looks just like Stan on some Mondays...Well, perhaps much less muscle and more of a fags/beer look

That being the case, who is Skeletor?

Is it Stan?

Three Posts All Year

I’ve just been having a quick look and I can’t believe we’ve only done three posts this year(not including this one)

That is very bad. Must try harder.

Massive Defeat for Stan

Well what a defeat for Stan that was. Fountain course, nine shortish holes, excellent playing conditions and he still lost by 11 shots.

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More new stuff coming over the following weeks including live twitter feeds and a new look site.  Stay with us, it will be worth it…