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And We’re Back

Tonight's Score Card


Hard to believe it’s almost been a year since we last had any activity on the site, but it’s true!  There is so much for you all to catch up with, but to keep this one short, suffice to say I won.  Actually, I didn’t, I came joint 1st with Mighty Alan Allen, but then he is mighty and I am not.

Also, I’d like to welcome the latest non-celebrity golfer, Chris Forster!  Chris can be contacted on extn 234 if you need help with Carl’s, Stan’s or Craig P’s accounts.  When Chris isn’t playing golf, he likes to spend his time cheese racing.

Chris tells us he’s only played 6 or 7 times and then had to give up due to an injury he received whilst competing as a cheeseracer.  Now fully recovered, he chose Golf with Des as his golfing come back appearance and ended up shooting a non-too healthy 62 – Better luck next time Chris.

As the nights are now drawing in, I’m not sure that there will be any more Golf With Des Thursday evening sessions this year, although we may just be able to sneak one more…

Chris Chips onto the 5th green

and then gets whippy with it on the 6th…