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Long Time

Oh I love Golf with DesLooking back over the last few posts back to May actually fills me with sorrow and forbidding – Hey don’t worry GWD regulars…I’m not about to do myself in, but rather I was referring to the lack of posts since May and also the fact that it only seems MINUTES ago when we were playing those games and shooting those scores and now it’s September where we can only just squeeze 9 holes in……

Well, to cut a long story short, lots and lots has happened with GWD not least the appearance of our regular “Non Celebrity” golfer who’s better than us, Alan, my next door neighbor but one…but also the ascension of “pay per play” regulars to club membership that Stan and I have undergone over the last few weeks…..

Anyway, over the coming months you’ll see some changes with the site as we run some upgrades and we’ll try to post more often to make it all a bit more interesting.

P.S. I beat Stan this week with a 38 which I was very pleased with and if I played like I did tonight on the 1st 3 for the rest of the game I think I could lose another 5 or 6 shots

The doodling on the scorecard was done by Stan when I was getting the beers sorted.