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Willow Valley again!

Nice post David. Maybe if you put as much effort into your golf as you do into your bizarre fabrications you might just give me a challenge:

As a ’contest’, this round was over after the 5th hole when David threw a strop and picked his ball up carding a 12. So for me I was left only with the challenge of improving on last week’s score of 115 which i managed by 6 shots. After starting and finishing reasonably well, my round was somewhat tainted by nightmare middle 4 holes which accounted for 30 shots. Never mind.

We didn’t have buggies today , but because we are members we didn’t have to part with a penny….it would usually cost £35 each to play the proper course. David did however spend £2.90 on a sandwich and drink then during the course of one of his strops, he smashed his 7iron leaving him with an approximate bill of £10 to get it reshafted.

Here are some pictures of David during today’s round.

Shhhh..It’s a Secret

Stan is gay and cheats at golf.

Not that being gay is a bad thing or should be considered as being derogatory in any way or even as much as that gay ppl can’t play golf or might even spoil golf by being gay, but what I really mean is that Stan is GAY. In a non (or possibly hidden “I live with a man”) gay way.

He may have scored a 34 this week, but because he’s a cheat and an admin here, he can amend anything that gets published…and to prove such a claim, I have photographic evidence that I’d publish except he has my mother locked up in a small room with a man pointing a gun to her head .

(David’s Mum says “Hi I’m David’s Mum and Stan really is paying for a man to point a gun to my head…..shhhh….h..e…l…p…….m…e…..etc, etc”)

New Record!

Thought I’d better quickly log in and post the great news that the course record has been broken TWICE in the last 2 weeks. Yes, that’s TWICE!

Last week Alan hit a sweet 36 to break the previous best of 37 set by David over a year ago, then last night I had my best ever round and carded 34, 5 pars and 4 bogeys. Pretty pleased with it i’ve got to say.

AND i’ve got a new scanner, so i can show you the card without having to wait for David….

Elly didn’t quite manage a record-breaking round, but he did have a strop and stormed off after the 6th hole as you can see from the scorecard.

Me and David are now members so we’ll be playing on the championship course, Willow Valley, more often now including tomorrow where we tee off @ 0830.

We all played there last week, and had buggies. It was fun, but we were all rubbish. I had the lowest score of 115 which just about says it all.

Here’s a few pictures of us, with buggies!

We had to keep separate scorecards because it was a ’proper’ round, so here is mine and elly’s effort:

Yeee Haw!

Coming soon to a Golf with Des near you…..Golf With Des, the road movie!