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I feel sorry for Stan, he really lost the plot this week resigning himself to a 12, yes thats TWELVE on the 6th hole!!!!

Lots of smashing his clubs on the ground and general hissy fitting around. In fact, he looked a bit like this at one point

Now lets talk about me…


I came second, but nevertheless I has my best round ever…

clearly i was pretty

We’ll just have to see how we do next week.

Oh by the way David & Alan came 1st and 3rd respectively, Well done to you both!


Oh dear.

I think Elly needs help


Well done Elly on your first victory in over 13 months golfing, but that aside, that is one pretty weird post mate.

i’m a bit worried now.


At last, I am a winner on Golf With Des. I won in style if I do say so myself, leaving it until the last putt on the 9th to claim my victory.

I was so chuffed, you could say I was as happy as this happy banana!!

David & Stan were as sad as this sad apple

Poor David & Stan.

Allan – good game mate.

What odds would I get

That Elly will do his 1st post on the site for about 7 years…

Shock Result!

As we return for our 1st game since Hammy’s stay-in stag do in Ibiza(more to come on this….), the result is a shock to all of us with Elly as this week’s winner with a score of 46 and both Stan and I are joint losers with a score of 49 which has to be our worst ever!

“Oh my God that’s surprising, but well done Elly, hurray! hurray! But who is the mysterious “a” who appears on this weeks score card?” you all ask.

Well, the “a” is my one and only next door but one neighbor Alan!

Alan, come on down!

Unfortunately none of us had a camera with us which is just as well as we didn’t want him to think we were too weird:

“David, why are you taking pictures of me when you live next door but one?” (Alan is a Scot so try to imaging a Scottish accent….

“Sorry Alan” (I’m not Scottish so you can go back to English now.) “We run a sad/weird (delete as applicable) golfing website and would like to publish your picture on there…….err yeah you are right. It’s all a bit wrong and I’ll just get my coat”.

Well Alan is actually a good golfer and on Monday after not playing for about 7 years he finished with a 39 on the same course. However as usual, the Golf With Des regulars managed to bring him down to our level with a 10 and two 7s, however, if you look at the rest of the scores, you’ll see what he’s capable of….

I don’t want to talk about it

Golf Score CardAs it says, I don’t want to talk about it…..