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Close (as in near, but not as in, "sorry we close at 5 on Friday")

First of all, we’d like to apologize for the delay in getting the score cards and round reviews on the site. Over the slow winter months, I guess we’ve become a bit lazy, plus I can imagine Stan might be a tad apathetic considering he’s only won once since October and equally, I’ve maybe become slightly “blazé” (is that spelt correctly…..) with my win after win after win after win after win after win after win after win after win after win after win after win after win after win after win after win.

Two or 2 weeks or Golf With Des score cards.  Oh Funny golf is fun

But, back to the games….

As you can see from both cards, Stan started much better than I did, but then seemed to lose it, whilst I found some form. On the 10th May, the game went down to the last hole with us both drawing as we tee’d off, but luckily I managed to putt a long putt, where as Stan missed his and therefore lost .

This week golf starts with a hello to Waz who finally played after telling us he would for more than a year… I do have some pictures, but for some reason the Bluetooth on my PC reports that it cannot find any other Bluetooth devices and won’t connect to my phone even though my Bluetooth keyboard and mouse are still working hmm…….

Anyway at the start, Stan played well, where as I didn’t.
After the 2nd, I seriously thought Mr Mathews had beaten me again as I was really struggling to get going.

But then , from nowhere, Stan made an error.

I saw a chink of light. All of a sudden, I saw my chance. My chance to beat Stan and remain victorious.

It was only a slim chance….but it was a chance all the same. I knew I had to go for it….

Finishing the 3rd, Stan was only 3 in front…I tee’d off on the 4th and sliced it wide right into the driving range and had to tee off again for my 3rd. Landing just short of the green with some average putting, I managed to get it in for a 6.

Then on the 5th, had my revenge!

My 240 yard uphill 3 wood landed just short of the green in a bunker. Stan miss-hit and landed behind some trees in an unplayable position.

My 3rd shot got me onto the green, where as Stan ended up short on his 5th, and then I was down for 4.

Stan went backwards and forwards for a bit and holed out on an 8.

After that, I knew I would remain the victor, and did at the back end of the round allow him to pull back a shot making him think there might still be hope……

And, before I forget……Elly almost beat Stan which would have been a turn-up for the scores….

At the end of the day…….how many chances can you give some one….


Who else thinks JP looks like he should be a Musketeer?


Last weekend Me and Elly went to Munich as part of a stag tour to celebrate the impending wedding of JP. Cheers JP!

Munich was celebrating its annual “Fruehlingsfest” (a scaled down version of Oktoberfest) so the steins were in full flow. Craig, however, decided to take things steady and ordered a refreshing orange juice….

In the beer tent, a kindly brass band played exclusively for us…

After their serenade JP, Stuart and Jock had a picture taken with the fat one from the band…

On any stag-do, it is traditional for the stag to have one final fling. Disappointingly, JP didn’t stray but the thought of a threesome certainly crossed his mind…

Tucker was lucky enough to win his own monkey who sang and danced on request…

How sweet.

The next day we went Karting, with Tom, Stuart and JP finishing in the top 3…

After the excitement, we had a nice walk and me and Elly tried it on with the same bird…

But she was having none of it.

After visiting a lovely park, Ste decided to partake in a spot of ditch jumping after much encouragement…

I guess it would have been so much better if he’d have actually fallen in.

Munich’s a beautiful city…

And we posed for a picture by the river…

The Fruehlingsfest had a fairground as well as beer tents…

And when on the fair, me and Elly went swinging. Not sex swinging, but innocent swinging….on swings…

And some of the other guys had a race….

After much debate, i can finally reveal the official results after a tight photo finish:

  1. JP
  2. Tom
  3. Craig
  4. Tucker
  5. Ste
  6. Stuart

Gunther pretended to get arrested…

…but it was just a joke.

We went back to the beer tent, and Jock was on the prowl…

…with a spurious degree of success…

Stuart got on the table to dance to “We will Rock you”….

While all this was going on, Jeremy was happy to have a shake…

And the band played a war-time classic…

Everyone was in good spirits in a different bar later on, but who the f*** are those two muttonheads in the background….?

On the last night, i was burned out and had an early night. Craig and Tucker went to a party they’d seen earlier in the day…

Elly stayed out with them and here he is preparing to catch the flight home…

Top weekend…..JP – hurry up and get married again soon!


My last victory against David was back in October and since then I’ve had a shocking winter. Even when I’ve played well, David has managed to play better and pip me at the post, most notably the recent Ray Advani cup.

This round looked like it would be more of the same…David in front, me pegging it back and then throwing away the advantage at the crucial moment.

However, with the scores close, David went mental on the 12th and fired 3 shots into the woods, had a bit of a hissy fit and refused to play out the hole and take a 12. I narrowly missed my par put and holed in 5.

More stropping from David on the 16th after losing his tee shot and then his recovery shot. I hadn’t fared much better splashing into the lake.

“That’s it, I’m not scoring anymore” said a deflated David, obviously having an Ellyesque tantrum.

So on to the 17, I led by 7. “If you can’t beat me now then you never will” said a cocky David.

And it all so nearly went wrong. I took 8 on the 17th (including snapping my beloved wedge after throwing it angrily to the ground after scuffing 2 in a row) leaving David 4 behind.

The 18th saw me hit out of bounds and into water. On the edge of the green for 8 I needed a miracle. And it came, i chipped straight in for a poor 9 and left David needing this putt for 5 and therefore a tie:

I nearly bottled it again, but seemingly the golf-gods were smiling on me for the first time in ages.

Stan 105
David 106

Elly is back

Elly has confirmed that he will be available for this week’s Thursday evening golf.

Although rain has been forecast earlier, it looks like we will get away with it just being cloudy and bit cold and after Stan’s win on Bank Holiday Monday I’m sure this weeks game will be a nail biter….

Tee time is confirmed as 1810