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I believe the score card says it all.

New David?

I think not – Irish people don’t count as GWD does not support terrorism in any form.

Man Utd 1 – 1 Middlesborough

Me and Elly went to Old Trafford on Saturday for the match. It was very good.

We started with a meal and a few drinks in one of the suites, then we had a fun game of Heads or Tails, with David May flipping the coin.

After most of us had been eliminated, the remaining contestants were moved to the front…




A great victory for Elly, and here he is after being presented his prize by David May

Then we watched the game, I got a few pictures as you would expect.

Bobby Charlton. Spot the Roy Walker look-a-like behind him

Man Utd


This man spent the whole game taking pictures. Literally, the whole game. On his phone and on his camera.


Elly went into the garden to do some gardening, at least that’s what he said he was doing….

Bowling with Des

No golf again this weekend, David couldn’t be bothered making an excuse this time, he just wasn’t playing.

So we got a new David and went bowling…with Irish Dave!

Irish Dave’s a bit mean with the old bowls and got some good scores, as you can see. Here are the picture highlights:

Dave takes a couple of shots. Dunno who that spaz is in the first picture, but we didn’t speak to him

Me and Elly take a shot

Dave is the winner!


Got a bit bored with the usual mundane 20 minute drive to work today so decided to spice it up a bit by driving straight out into 50mph oncoming traffic.

No one was hurt, but I injured my car. Here is the result:

At least I’ll get a nice new shiny front bit on the insurance.


No David again this week folks, he decided to spend most of the day in a traffic jam on an obscure A-road.

It was a rubbish round anyway. Can’t be bothered to say anything else about it.

Stan 52
Elly 54

The Scorecard

Mmm Barbeque

This weekend we had a barbeque. It was very hot.

Here’s Elly cooking up some burgers as well as offering some crucial advice to anyone else considering having a barbeque…

A Picture Postcard from David

As mentioned previously, David has escaped the hottest weekend of the year so far and is currently 1800m above sea level relaxing in the French Alps ski resort Montgenevre.

He kindly sent us this picture of his pint of beer.

Very Scenic.

Thursday night golf is back!!!

Yes, you read it correctly….we’re back on Thursday nights….

Well, not all of us this week. Despite the longer nights, the warmer temperatures and the general all round good vibes about the summer approaching – David has packed his bags and gone skiiing.

Now I like skiing, but not when it’s nearly summer.

Anyway, David missed out, but we didn’t miss him. A decent performance from myself and Elly, I started a bit shaky but finished solidly with 2 lovely putts on the last two holes and 2 putts on the preceding 2 holes that, agonizingly, missed by inches. My score would have been 4 shots better had i not fired 2 out of bounds on the evil 6th. Taking my 5th shot from the tee, I holed out in 8 leaving me to rue what might have been if I hadn’t tried to be so clever in the first place.

Anyway, David might be back next week. If he’s not skiing, or hurt his ankle, or managed to think of another rubbish reason not to play.

Stan 42
Elly 53

Here’s the scorecard too….

And here is the new look Des, but without David (who has gone skiing….)