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Stuffed Peppers

I’ve always wanted to make stuffed peppers, but until i tried it i never knew how. So what do you need and how do you do it??

Well, first…

You need

2 equal size red peppers (never green)
1 finely chopped yellow or orange pepper
1 pack of lamb mince
7 cloves of garlic, 3 in half, 4 finely chopped
1 big leek, finely chopped
2 medium carrots, finely chopped
tomato passata, prereably one with garlic and herbs
mixed spice
worcester sauce
olive oil
baby baking potatoes (above the baking potatoes in tescos)
tin foil
salt pepper

Great. I’ve got them all…. How do I do it???

Whack load of olive oil into a wok with 3 halved garlic cloves and loads of rosemary, heat it up so the flavours infuse. shove the potatoes in a baking tray then cover with the hot oil/garlic/rosemary. bang in the oven, you may need to cover with foil later. they take about an hour.

Then using the wok, add a bit more olive oil, heat up and put in the mince and brown slighty. then add the garlic, leek and carrots and cook for a while. Then add the pasatta and simmer. Now add a generous amount of mixed spice and rosemary, and a bit of basil and nutmeg and a good few dashes of worcester sauce. then add a couple of teaspoons of sugar. let it cook for a bit and add more of the flavours as required. you’ll know when it tastes good.

Let it reduce and thicken and when it’s not to sloppy it’s ready.

Cut the tops of the peppers and get rid of all the core and white shit inside, fill them up with the mix (you won’t use it all for 2 peppers), put the tops back on and wrap tightly with tin foil. put them in oven, on a baking tray stood up and they take about 25/30 minutes at 200degrees.

Cover the potatoes with tin foil after the first half hour or so to stop them going too brown.