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Golf with DS

No, that’s not a new game for Nintendo’s minature gaming dual screen marvel, but infact a reference to tomorrow morning’s golfers, namely Stan and myself! Elly has had to pull out at short notice and my brother is unavailable due to last minute work requirements.

Since our last game of golf both Stan and I have invested in an Dunlop oversize driver from our local Sports World store. Priced at £69.99 on the website but at only £13.99 in store this was too good a deal to miss. Even if they turn out to be utter rubbish, we can probably still use them to attack burglers with or to disperse other non-desirable house guests.

big bad MF

Weather-wise, as usual not a game goes by without some sort of controversy. The BBC have tomorrow’s weather as sunny, where as have it as being cloudy all dayI


Had the WWII planners been this indecisive weather-wise in the lead up to D-Day, the invasion wouldn’t have happened, the frogs might still be occupied by Jerry and we might still have thousands of US GI’s here trying to steal our women with chocolate and nylon stockings.

Although obviously, they would be quite elderly by now and probably slightly more wrinkled and incontinent

Lager, Lager, Lager, Lager!

Last night we enjoyed our first ever Beer with Des night in Huddersfield and what a night it was!

Our first event was just DES and a couple of select friends and we had a fantastic time. And we met plenty of new people on the way….

We started the night in Elland’s very own 19th hole, The Caddyshack….

We then had to get rid of our cars, then it was in a taxi and off to Huddersfield where we really got the party started…

We moved on to the next bar and Elly was quick to get the drinks in…

The bar seemed slightly empty at first…

But we soon helped to fill it up…

It was soon time to leave and find the next bar on our travels and we passed a nice church and a shop…

The next bar had some fine DJs on and we got down on it…

Our friend Craig (not the non-celebrity Craig, a NEW Craig) was so busy digging the grooves that he nearly spilt beer on the floor!

After this close shave it was time to leave, but the bouncer was sad to see us go…

We were approached by many flyerers, who tried to entice us into a plethora of nights….

But we decided to pick our own bar and Elly made friends with some happy go lucky bouncers…

After a few more drinks, it was time for DES to leave, but new Craig and Joe 179 stayed out for a few more, apparantly until 2am!

We quickly stopped for this photograph…

Before we decided to get some food from Dixie Chicken….

Elly ordered mine and his tea…

While David popped next door to get a kebab….

After such excitement, we hailed a cab and off home we went…

No doubt there will be another Beer with Des night very soon!

The Inaugral Beer with Des

The first Beer with Des event was a remarkable success and we drank lots of the aforementioned beer with some of our friends.

Elly also made lots of new friends.

I’ll put pictures up later today.!

Pine Valley again!

This weekend we are playing at Pine Valley again…Hurrah!

Elly is back this weekend, so we will be visiting Sportsworld again tonight so that he can get some gear too!

Tee -time is confirmed at 0752 BST which is even earlier than last week.

Pine Valley

This weekend we played at Willow Valley’s newest addition….Pine Valley. We were up nice and early for our 0812 tee time and I arrived feeling the part in my lovely new golfing gear. Elly wasn’t with us this weekend.

The course is still very much under development, and in some areas was patchy but the greens were of the highest standard and this course suited us perfectly…..the holes were challenging but not littered with hazards although David did make the most of big lake on one of the holes and managed to drown 3 balls….

Craig had a nightmare on the outward 9 and was soon out of contention. Myself and David battled it out on the first few holes and nothing could separate us….that was until we reached the hole with the big pond. I was pleased to make 3 pars on the round and came close on 2 occasions to a real birdie, on a real full size course….but this time it wasn’t to be. But I got round in less than 100 which was pleasing in itself.

Can’t be bothered writing anymore, so without further ado here are the scores and the pictures. As you will see on the last 2 pictures, this was the first time that we were treated to the sight of real live ducks on a golf course. We hope that there are many more to come in the future.


Stan 97
David 107
Craig 118

Des Browne

This week’s Famous Des is the Rt Hon Des Browne MP.

Des is currently the country’s Defence Secretary so it is his job to ignore worldwide law and start wars in countries where there is lots of oil to control.

Des also tabled the Register of Drug Trafficking Offenders Bill, a private Member’s Bill to amend the Misuse of Drugs Act (1971) to establish a register of trafficking offenders.

Des was born on 22 March 1952 and studied at Glasgow University where he was awarded an LLB. Whatever that is.


Hello and welcome to this exciting new feature on – Desmobiles!

Here we feature some lovely motors with highly desirable number plates…. we spotted this beauty outside our local watering hole whilst enjoying a pint of cold and refreshing Staropramen…

As they say in America…Awesome!

Spotted a Desmobile on your travels? Let us know!

Golf Shopping!

As I don’t work on Friday afternoons, I used some of my time off today to visit Sportsworld in Huddersfield to pick up some discounted golfing gear.

And boy, did I get some bargains…and I am very excited about the whole experience. My golfing equipment inventory now also boasts:

  • A new trolley
  • New golfing trousers
  • New golfing polo-shirt
  • New golfing shoes!
  • New golfing peak cap

And all this for under £45. What a bargain!

Trolley, Cap, Shirt and Shoes.

To celebrate, me and David will be playing at Willow Valley tomorrow, teetime 0812 on the Pine Valley course, which is the newest addition on the complex. We’ve never played here before so it’s going to be an adventure for both of us. Maybe Craig will also join us, but Elly is away this weekend so will not be participating.

As it is the Ryder Cup, we may also play in a matchplay format rather than the usual strokeplay. Although this has yet to be decided.

Watch this space for any exciting developments!

Pepperonni Pizza €6.50

Indeed I am back from my lovely holiday and whilst away, I enjoyed this very lovely pepperoni pizza!

Yum yum

This pizza was purchased from George’s Bar in the Riveria Del Sol which is on the Costa Del Sol a little more than halfway between Malaga and Marbella.

As well as tasty pizzas, George’s Bar also sports a full and exciting menu including english breakfasts (full and half, with or without mushrooms and / or hashbrowns), pasta dishes, steaks and some sea food specialities.

George’s Bar
A more detailed map can be seen here…

I thought this would be the ideal time to introduce and also explain the workings of one of our newer categories called “Pizza Index”, which allows you to work out how rich or poor a region is simply by the cost of pizzas!

The idea came to us whilst discussing what was for tea one evening after a round of golf and realising that the price of pizza varied dependant on the economic wealth and success of a particular area. E.g. Stan and Elly lived in London for a time and the pizzas there are more expensive than the pizzas here in Yorkshire – not because the pizza is actually better or contains precious metals and / or gemstones, but because Londoners are fairly stupid and will therefore pay more.

After a spot of “blue sky thinking” and a lager fuelled group “brainstorming” session we realised we had probably come up with perhaps the most accurate method of accertaining any region’s economic postion.

So, pepperoni pizza at George’s Bar, in the Costa Del Sol cost €6.50 or £4.36760*

So what does this tell us?
It tells us that this part of Spain is undergoing increasing growth and prosperity. Property prices are still climbing and the area is still generating lots of investment from both home and abroad. And that the local restaurant owners can charge us tourists that little bit more than they did when everything was in potatoes.

Old Spanish Money
Old Spanish Money

*Accurate at the time of writing based on 1 GBP = 1.48823 EUR taken from

Beer with Des!

We love golf. But we also love lager. As we can’t play golf after work any more due to failing light, we have decided to mark the end of the evening season by having a party.

Therefore, Beer with Des will take place on Wednesday 27th September starting in The Caddyshack, Elland, and will progress from there.

All our readers and friends are welcome to join us on what promises to be an amazing evening!