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Salmon and Spinach Lasagne Update…

It appears we are now in 2nd place on Yahoo for Stan’ fantastic Salmon and Spinach Lasagne….

Perhaps if we are lucky, Stan might even post his reciepe for us all to share…

It has been a while II

As Stan mentions in one of his previous posts, it has been a while since we last updated, so here we are….

Golf with Desc.
Stan is a CHEAT!!!!
As Bell Jnr makes his Golf with Des debut, Stan plays a fantastic round and Elly also improves.

In what turned out to be a quite exciting round, both because by late afternoon the weather looked like we could be running for cover at any moment but then turned out to be bright sunshine, and also because apart from a few mistakes, any of us could have been the winner.

As it happens, Stan played some really solid holes and won the game by a total of 5 strokes.

Our Non – Celebrity Craig (who incidentally looks like Peter Schmeical….or so he would have you believe…..) didn’t have his best round ever and finished on a 52.

I finished on a 46, which althougth is nothing fantastic, I was quite pleased with my game as apart from a few 6s and one 8 I felt that I played a fairly consistantly…

Bell Jnr (Peter) takes a swing on the 3rd…

…….And we did catch Elly having a wee on the 6th

Errrrr...Elly Piss

Afterwards, Craig joined us for a pint of Denmark’s finest and then broke the news to us that he had in fact been wearing one of his wife’s thongs throughout the whole round of golf – Imagine our suprise!!

Shocking Revelation: “I like to wear thongs”

Salmon and Spinach Lasagne….again!

Further to David’s Search Engine Entry, I am pleased report that if you go to and enter ’Salmon and Spinach Lasagne’ into the search criteria, Golf with Des is listed at 35!

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself!

Anyway, this is great news for us, and I’m hoping that this new entry on the site might even lift us further up the listings.


It did indeed work, we are now #11. Result.

Elly’s gone AWOL!

Well, actually that’s an exaggeration.

He’s simply in Majorca. On holiday. I have been informed (via SMS messaging) that whilst performing karaoke on a drunken night out, Elly managed to fall flat on his backside whilst on stage. I have been promised a picture of the event, and I will be sure to post it here when I can, much to Elly’s annoyance.

Therefore, tonight’s round will not include an Elly, which should reduce the time we spend in trees hunting for his ball.

On a more positive note, we are delighted to welcome back Craig for his second stint as a non-celebrity golfer.

As I write this entry, the light rain appears to have subsided but with 2 hours until tee time (1824 – confirmed by David (again via SMS messaging)) there is a chance it could return….

No Famous Des this week

You may have noticed that this week there has been no Famous Des. This is for 2 reasons….

    1. Due to recovering from Creamfields, I forgot all about it
    2. I’m running out of Famous Deses


It’s been a while…

Although we’ve been pretty quiet for a while here at Golf with Des we have, in actual fact, been pretty busy.

Here’s a quick summary of the last week’s activities….

Last week, our non celebrity golfer was Craig, brother of David, who joined us for our first fourball in a while. However since the round, I ventured to Creamfields and as a result erased yet more of my rapidly diminishing memory cells. Thus, I cannot remember the scores – although David does have the scorecard and when he remembers how to log on to the site I’m sure he’ll post it for your persual.

Incidentally, Creamfields was excellent….

On Tuesday, David and I (both on a day’s holiday from work) ventured to Bradley Park again and enjoyed a midweek 18 holes. Still recovering from Creamfields I had no great expectations for a good round and this was the case with me shooting a disgusting 128! As well as losing the plot, I also managed to lose my golfing glove and my lovely beige golfing peak hat (which you will have seen me modelling on previous rounds). This means I am now peakless, although I have bought myself a new glove.

David played much better, going round in 109. Conditions weren’t ideal….we had rain and wind, and we were both still a bit exhausted from the weekend. Despite this, 18 holes (4+ miles of walking) was not enough so we drove straight over to Willow Valley….

Here we had a quick pint and made our way to our usual 9 hole course. We both played a bit better, but it’s impossible to bring you the exact scores as David kept score and, as usual, he made a mess of it – missing holes off completely and putting the wrong scores down when he did attempt to make a record.

So that’s that. No pictures this time I’m afraid.

Bell Jnr

Confirmation has just come in over the wires that Bell Jnr will in fact be this week’s non celebrity golfer.

I’d like to be the 1st to offer my younger brother Craig a warm welcome from all here at Golf with Des!.


We love eggs.

And we love Eggland.

But more than anything, we love their Customer’s Comments


Tee time confirmed for 18:17 BST.

If the weather holds it looks like it is going to be a fine game of golf.

Still not had confirmation from Bell Jnr about tonight’s game, but I will let you all know as soon as I do…..Watch this space as they say.

The Sun always shines on TV

Well, not strictly true…but the sun does usually shine on Des! Even after last week’s horrific afternoon storms, the sun still found away through for some parts of last week’s round.

But that’s in the past. Let’s look forward and we’re expecting a clear night tonight. The sun is shining brightly and it looks like summer might just be on its way back!

Waz was due to join us again tonight, but outrageously he has pulled out again. David’s brother might play in his place but that has yet to be confirmed.

As the nights are now drawing in, we have realised that evening golf will soon be at an end. To mark the end of the evening season, we intend to replace ’golf with des’ with ’beer with des’ on the first non-golfing thursday night. All our friends and readers are welcome to join us. Further details on this event will be posted in the near future but I can reveal that it will most likely to be held in the Caddyshack – Elland’s very own 19th hole.

David is booking tonight’s teetime and we will bring it to you exclusively as soon as it is confirmed.