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Chris’ Other Stuff Comes to Light!

Take a seat before you read any more – You’ll need it!

As recently reported right here on Golf with Des, last week Chris chose “other stuff” over playing Thursday night golf.

I can right now tell you what these “other stuff” actually were…

Rather than play Thursday night Golf with the Golf with Des team, Chris actually chose to go supermarket shopping with his girlfriend, Lucy!

And it gets worse – Lucy had actually been at home all day and could have done the shopping whilst Chris was at work thus enabling him to play – not just any golf, but Thursday night golf.   But she didn’t!

Instead she sat at home watching This Morning with Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby and then after a light lunch, probably consisting of salmon, cream cheese and rivitas, she probably watched a vintage black and white film with an especially happy ending on non other than Channel 4!

When this sort of thing happens, it can mean one thing and one thing only and I’m afraid it is not good news…

Lucy is having an…affair.

Welcome to the magical world of 34!

Thursday night was a good night to play golf.

In a week that saw NO Chris, mainly due to having “other stuff” to do, I had my best round ever on Fountains.

Yay yay yay I shot a 34 yay yay yay

David shoots a 34 on Fountains - The first 34 for a number of years

The score says it all…

I won’t get too far up my own arse as there is still room for improvement – there is at least another 2 easy shots I could have lost, but suffice to say, it was an easy victory…

But, taking it back to the real world, what exactly does “other stuff” mean? Can anyone shed any light on any of the “other stuff” that Chris had to do? And what might it be that was more important than playing golf? Apart from skiing, I can think of nothing else (that doesn’t involve penetrating females) that is more important than playing golf – especially on a warm sunny early summer evening with the promise of a chilled beer or two afterwards.

In fact even the might Google only has this to offer as far as “other stuff” is concerned…

One thing I nearly forgot – It was actually a double victory – As well as scoring the 34, I also landed my 8th hole tee shot on the green nearest the pin and therefore scooped the prize money of a whole £3!!!

Record breaking scores!


Today is a day that will go down in Golfing history – Well at any rate in Golf With Des Golfing History.

Stan and I played Willow Valley’s Pine Valley course this PM as neither of us had played for some time and we wanted a slightly easier re-entry into the world of golf.  As it turned out we couldn’t have asked for a better start as both of us played exceptionally well and I finished on 82 (nett 63), with Stan finishing on 85 which is his best score on Pine.

If Roy Castle had seen us play it would have been a Record Breaker!

It's a shame Roy is dead, as he'd have been very impressed with our "Record Breaking Scores". In fact did anyone see Norris?

Although I’m happy with the score, I know I could have done at least 3 or more shots better.   My driving and my iron play were excellent, but my short game really let me down with lots of short or too long chips, plus on the last 3 holes I could have saved at least another 3 shots if I’d have not played like a tit.

Anyway, all in all a great round – Feel free to digest the scores at Golfshot’s website


Yeah, that’s right, I said that. I’m unbeatable, or have been for the past 3 games. Even the mighty Alan Allen Begbie cannot beat me.

Grrrr, I am like the golfing version of He Man….By the power of Grey Skull!!!

OMG it looks just like Stan on some Mondays...

OMG it looks just like Stan on some Mondays...Well, perhaps much less muscle and more of a fags/beer look

That being the case, who is Skeletor?

Is it Stan?

Three Posts All Year

I’ve just been having a quick look and I can’t believe we’ve only done three posts this year(not including this one)

That is very bad. Must try harder.

Massive Defeat for Stan

Well what a defeat for Stan that was. Fountain course, nine shortish holes, excellent playing conditions and he still lost by 11 shots.

Full live commentary is available via

More new stuff coming over the following weeks including live twitter feeds and a new look site.  Stay with us, it will be worth it…

One Week Later (and we’re not Zombies)

Well, here we are two weeks in on the Thursday Evening golfing season and what a start it’s been.  Last week was a massive early victory for me beating both The Mighty Alan Allen and Stan by 7 (or 8, but there’s the controversy) strokes!

I didn’t play my best, but I did play consistently which meant I finished on 40 (or 39 if the truth be known) whilst Stan and The Mighty Alan Allen(Grrrrr!) both finished on 47.

Stan wears jeans and trainers but looks nothing like this

Stan wears jeans and trainers but looks nothing like this

But, the main issue was the fact that Stan (who is a member no less) turned up and played in jeans and trainers!

I did try to report him to the staff to have him removed, but they chose to ignore me for some reason unknown.  Anyway, we’ve made a short film about the 1st week’s game, which should be online at some point this week.

This week was a different kettle of fish completely, with Stan managing to bring it all together whilst The Mighty Alan Allen and I languished behind.  Stan started well and kept his lead all through the game and even though I pulled back a few shots, he made sure that he was always out of reach, so fair play to him, the little shit.

Thursday Night Golf Is Back – Yippee!

Stan loves Thursday night golf

Stan loves Thursday night golf

The title says it all!

Tonight’s tee-time is 18:10 and although Stan and I are both playing even though we are both injured, we’ve not had confirmation as yet if The Mighty Alan Allen is playing or not, so anything could happen!

Sadly I’m afraid another season is about to start without Elly playing…

David takes severe arsing from Stan(In a golf way, not an anal sex way)

Oh dear, well it had to happen at some point didn’t it?  After not playing for more than a month, Stan and I played the Pine Valley course this Saturday morning and although it pains me to admit it, Stan beat me very convincingly by 11 shots.

The conditions were tough and infact, I don’t think I’ve ever played a course that was as muddy and as wet – Every time your club hit the ground through the swing, it caused a great “gloop” of mud and water to spray up onto your face(I resisted putting a link on that one…:-))

Stan took an early lead, but after the 1st 8 or 9 holes I’d managed to draw level and then Stan somehow drew on some freaky inner strength and no matter what I did, he managed to play a better shot.

By the time we’d reached the 14th, I’d pretty much given up, but Stan was on top form and really deserved to win this time.

Little Shit

“But where is the Mighty Alan Allen(TMAA)?” I hear you all ask.  Well TMAA is currently “on the bench” due to a skiing injury that happened last week at Xscape at Castleford.  He tried to jump off a kicker that really wasn’t a kicker and ended up catching a ski and landing badly fracturing his shoulder in a couple of places as well as tearing a tendon.

Ouch.  He’s far too mighty for us normal folk, but hopefully, he’ll be back in a few weeks.

Queen + Paul Rodgers – LIVE at the 02


You can’t have Queen without Freddie!

Well, to be fair, I would have been inclined to have agreed with you a few years ago.  Freddie was pretty good and all that.

But…. one problem.  He died.  Which was unfortunate.


The story does not end there….


After a pleasant build-up of darkness, thundercracks and flashing lights….. Queen + Paul Rodgers finally took to the stage and lauched straight into the classic ‘Hammer to Fall’… much to the delight of the capacity crowd.

More Queen anthems soon followed, including ‘Tie Your Mother Down’ and ‘I Want It All’

Soon it was time to bring the tempo down a little, so Brian sang ‘Love of My Life’ before Roger decided to do a little drum solo after first hitting the notes to ‘Under Pressure’ and ‘Another one Bites the Dust’ on a double bass…

And then all hell broke loose.

Brian and Roger - I'm in Love with My Car

Brian and Roger - I'm in Love With My Car

Brian's Guitar Solo

Brian's Guitar Solo

Many more classics ensued, namely…

  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Radio GaGa
  • We will Rock you
  • We are the Champions
  • Alright Now
  • The Show Must Go On

Freddie would have been proud.